Saluki Screen Repair

Saluki Screen Repair

Pryor Jordan founded Saluki Screen Repair in February 2013. The business began as a computer and smartphone repair shop and operated out of his apartment. The business consisted of a personal computer, a dining room table, and a cell phone.

Eight months later, the business moved into the Illinois Small Business Development Center’s “Small Business Incubator” near the Southern Illinois University campus in Carbondale. The business changed its name to Saluki Screen Repair. Its new focus: fast screen repairs for smartphones.

A year later, the business had outgrown its space in the Incubator and opened its doors at 859 East Grand Avenue in Carbondale. Today, the nine-person business has a second location at 2801-4 Civic Circle Blvd. in Marion, and repairs hundreds of smartphones, tablets, and laptops every month.


Mail-In Repair

If Saluki Screen Repair is out of your way, or if it is just more convenient for you to mail us your device, our mail-in repair service was designed just for you. We have a three-step process that will get your equipment fixed and returned quickly. Just download and complete our mail-in repair form, and then mail your device. Return shipping is $10, and you will receive the same highly-skilled repair service that we offer locally.

Once we receive your shipment, an experienced technician will contact you to explain the diagnosis and give you an estimate of the time and cost required to restore your device. Upon your approval, we will get to work.

Free Estimates

We offer a free diagnosis and estimate when you use our walk-in repair service or mail-in repair service. However, sometimes it is easier to have a cost estimate before taking the time to package your device or travel to our shop. If you would like to receive an estimate, please give us the details in the form.

An experienced technician will contact you in a timely manner to discuss your problem and provide an estimate.

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Cindy Park

Cindy Park, Shift Leader


Began working at Saluki Screen Repair in October 2016


Studying Industrial Management with Applied Engineering at SIUC.


Touch of Nature, Walmart


Favorite TV Show - The Flash
Favorite App - Accuweather
Joe Grasley

Joe Grasley, Shift Leader


Began working at Saluki Screen Repair in October 2017.


Oshkosh West High School


Sales associate/technician at Batteries Plus Bulbs


Favorite TV Shows - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Bob's Burgers. Favorite Apps - Shazam Hobby - Music festivals/live music.
  • Can I mail in any device for repair? +

    You can mail-in anything listed on our site. If you have any questions or your device is not listed please call and our technicians will assist you.
  • Do I have to prepay for mail in repair? +

    No, you do not. You pay when the repair is complete.
  • What should I include when I am shipping my device to you? +

    We only need your device, do not include accessories, the original packaging as this will only increase shipping cost. Any other information we need will be provided from the mail-in form.
  • Do you need my SIM card? +

    We recommend that you include your SIM card. Without it we cannot fully test your device.
  • Do I have to include my passcode with my phone? +

    It is recommended. We need the passcode in order to test your phone after the repair. If you do not wish to provide your passcode, certain phone functions won’t be tested.
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Fabian Smith

Fabian Smith, Repair Technician


Began working at Saluki Screen Repair in August 2017.


Studying Industrial Management and Applied Engineering at SIU-C.


Illinois National Guard,
Sales Associate at Home Depot


Favorite TV Show/Movie - Game of Thrones, Wolf of Wall Street
Favorite Apps - Chegg, Tidal, Twitter

Christian, Repair Technician


Began working at Saluki Screen Repair in August 2017.


Studying Mechanical Engineering at SIU-C


Associate at Menard's electrical department


Favorite TV Shows - Breaking Bad, Frasier, Seinfeld
Favorite Apps - YT Music, GroupME, If This Then That, Screaming Phone

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Carbondale Location
859 East Grand Ave
Carbondale, IL 62901
(618) 351-0130

Marion Location
2801 Civic Circle Blvd.
Suite 4
Marion, IL 62959
(618) 944-4505

Monday-Friday: 10am – 6pm
Saturday: 11am – 4pm

Contact us today! Call, email, or use the form to the left.



We are happy to offer Mail-In Repair services. For just an additional $10 shipping charge, you can mail your device to us, and once it is repaired we will mail it back to you good as new!