• SSR Phone Pricing

    We’re sometimes asked why our phones cost more than similar devices sold on Facebook markets and eBay. Last week, when asked about this, I promised to write a short explanation with my next post. So, here it is! We try to make $75-150 dollars per phone sale. For the extra $75-150 dollars, here’s what our customers get: Knowledgeable service before, during, and after the sale. Never worry about whether you’re buying the right phone for your service carrier. Our staff will make sure that the phone you're buying will work with the service you want. Likewise, we can help our customers get their photos and contacts backed up and transferred to their new device. Convenience. Never wait for shipping, or Read More
  • Trade a Busted iPhone 6 for a new iPhone 7

    Right now, Verizon is offering huge incentives (up to $450) for folks wanting to trade a busted iPhone 6 or 6 Plus models towards a shiny new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. Here's the catch: they won't take devices that have a broken screen... That's where we come in. Our cost for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus screens has dropped, so we're dropping our prices to match! iPhone 6 screens can now be repaired for $125. iPhone 6 Plus screen repairs are now $145. That means that you could get your screen repaired, go trade in your repaired phone for a brand new 7 or 7 Plus AND save up to $300 or more in the process. Swing by Saluki Read More
  • How to Break Smartphones

    Uh oh! You dropped your phone again, and it wasn't safely enclosed in an OtterBox case. That crack across your screen isn’t pretty. We’ve seen this happen time and time again. Smartphones have never been sturdy, and there’s plenty of products —hard phone cases and tempered glass screen protectors—to keep them together. However, those screens are still fragile, and aren’t made to withstand contact with concrete, rocks, stairs, water…. Basically, they’ll hold up to the cotton lining in your pocket, but that’s about it. There's approximately 567 Bajillion ways to break smartphones. But here are the the most common... Here are the most common ways we’ve seen customers break smartphones: Texting while walking. Your mom sent you another message about Read More
  • Apple Hates iPhone Screen Repair

    It’s happened to the best of us. We’ll accidentally drop our electronic devices—phone, tablets, even computers—on the floor, and crack! Another one bites the dust. We know how pricey it can be to repair these items, so, for a lot of us, the Internet has been our saving grace. We sit down to search "iPhone Screen Repair" and quickly find a bevy of how-to-videos at our disposal. Sure, it takes personal time, but many of us eke out a little knowledge on how to fix our costly electronics while saving a bit of money. However, those days may soon come to a close. According to Apple, Cisco, and Xerox, access to this information infringes on their ability to sell new Read More
  • iOS 10 Beta Preview

    Excited about the new iOS 10 beta download? We’re looking forward to seeing all iOS has to offer.   The new lock-screen feature allows you to interact with your device even without unlocking it, and automatically displays the time when you pick up your phone (an update taken from the Apple iWatch). You can now wake up in a better mood, as expansions to the Clock app allow several different Bedtime Sounds options, including Early Riser, Birdsong, and Droplets. Additions to your Voicemail feature include an automatic transcription, meaning you can check your messages even when in a business meeting. One new app even allows your phone to keep track of where you parked your car! But you may want Read More
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