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Saluki Screen Repair is hiring sales associates and technicians for its Carbondale and Marion locations.

Interested in management? We’re also looking for team members who are ready to take charge as leaders. Ask about starting on a management track.

Sales Associate

The sales associate position requires great people skills.

The sales associate works at the front of the store, greeting customers, answering questions, fielding phone calls, selling phones and accessories, and occasionally helping with repairs.

No technical experience is required. Customer service experience is a plus, but we are mostly looking for someone with a good attitude and a willingness to learn.


The technician position requires problem-solving and attention to detail.

SSR technicians work in the back, repairing phones, tablets and laptop screens.

Technical experience is not required, though it is a bonus. Again, a good attitude and a willingness to learn are most important traits we’re looking for.